Job Opportunities at Darien Lake

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Darien Lake offers all the jobs that you might find in a small city – from food service to ride operations, landscaping to finance, housekeeping to marketing and everything in between! We offer full-time positions with competitive salaries and benefits as well as awesome seasonal opportunities that include flexible schedules and a great resume-building experience.

Darien Lake is committed to hiring our nation’s veterans.


Please scroll through all pages for the complete list of seasonal and year-round/full time opportunities.





Special Perks and Benefits

  • Free Admission to the Park – Your employee ID is your 2017 Darien Lake season pass. Come as often as you like, free of charge!
  • Free Park Tickets for Friends & Family - Where else can you work and earn free tickets to Darien Lake? Share the fun with your friends and family!
  • Opportunities to Advance - Our team members are on a fast track to success! With so many great opportunities, both new and returning employees can take on new challenges and develop their leadership skills.
  • Great “Resume Building” Experience - Looking to develop business related skills in a guest service environment? Darien Lake offers great experience for future business leaders. Consider this: every lemonade stand, every game and every gift shop is its own business in its own captive market and you can impact it. Understand your labor force, how to manage inventory and interact with guests, all under the sun and in a place that’s all about fun.