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Grizzly RunGrizzly RunGrizzly Run

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Ride Description: Ready for a river rapids adventure? Located a few steps from Rowdy’s Ridge, Grizzly Run is the perfect water ride for the whole family to enjoy. Step on to a large circular raft and enjoy whirling through perfectly churned rapids. It’s all the thrill (and soak power) of a white water rafting trip! YOU WILL GET WET ON THIS RIDE!

Height and Weight Restrictions: Must be at least 36" tall to ride. Guests between 36" and 42" tall must be accompanied by a supervising companion (at least 16 years of age). Must be at least 42" tall to ride alone. The total combined weight per boat must not exceed 1350 pounds.

Ride Classification: Moderate Thrill Ride


Due to low staffing levels as our team members return to school, we will be operating Grizzly Run on a limited/rotating schedule.