WET RIDE   |   Shipwreck Falls

Shipwreck FallsShipwreck FallsShipwreck Falls

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Ride Description: Want to get soaked? Shipwreck Falls is the ultimate water ride for thrill seekers looking to get wet. A 50-foot drop plunges you downhill at 28 mph, creating a 20-foot wave. Even if you aren’t ready to indulge in the drop, you can stand on the observation deck and still get drenched. YOU WILL GET WET ON THIS RIDE!

Height and Weight Restrictions: Must be at least 42" tall and must not exceed 74" tall to ride.

Ride Classification: Moderate Thrill Ride

Due to low staffing levels as our team members return to school, we will be operating Shipwreck Falls on a limited/rotating schedule.